This site is dedicated to Moms everywhere. Those who have passed away and those still with us.

The inspiration for this endeavor came on the 45th anniversary of my Mom’s death. My sisters posted, on each of their Facebook pages, some things they remembered and missed about our Mom. I had completely forgotten about a few of the things they had listed. It occurred to me that these, like so many other little details in life, will someday just fade away. That bothered me.

The memories my sisters wrote about  were not earth rocking things, just some silly stuff that only means something to us. For example, Mom would ring in the New Year by giving us pots and pans to bang with wooden spoons. Silly, but we had a ball. However, we did have dented cookware in our house.

Now that I am officially a senior citizen, I would hate to see these memories fade away once we pass on. So, this site was born. I am making arrangements for this site to survive me.  Fortunately the next generation of our family is very responsible and the children and even grandchildren have agreed to keep this site active.

Once a Mom is added to the directory, additional comments may be added by you or anyone else. In this way, a bit of an ongoing narrative about a Mom may be created. If you need any help adding your Mom to the site, there are links to video and printed tutorials that will guide you through the process.

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