How it Works is dedicated to keeping memories we have about our Moms alive and sharing them with future generations. is dedicated to honoring Moms who have passed away,  as well as Moms we are fortunate enough to still have with us.

Here is how works: You add your Mom to the site in one of several ways (see the link below). Once you have added your Mom, anyone else, brothers, sisters, family members, friends, anyone at all, can add a Comment by entering what they have to say in the “Leave a Reply” box. That comment is attached that Mom’s listing. There are no limits to the number of Comments that can be added to a Mom.

In this way, a bit of a history can be created about your Mom. As you or anyone else remembers something about your Mom, it can be added to her listing.

It is easy to add your Mom.  Click on this link to see how.

Add Your Mom